Debugging is a Journey

Adveta Kandwal
4 min readMar 15, 2022


Hello Everyone!

Very Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone, I hope you are having a great time. So here, I am back with another week's blog.

Now, in this blog, I will be discussing how debugging is not just a part of a code but also a part of day-to-day life.

Debugging the code…

Debugging means removing the bugs and making the program work the way it is supposed to work.

Honestly, there are moments when I feel,

“WHAT THE HELL!!!! It’s the compiler which is not working properly…”

Because it’s not just the fact that you have to debug. But firstly, you have to accept the fact that the program you made which had the best approach possible with the best possible lines of code, has some errors in it. Secondly, you have to look for the bugs, which, to people like me, may sound like, blaming the compiler for not working properly. Sometimes it’s easy, and sometimes hard, sometimes you may need help and sometimes you have to change the approach. For people like me, changing the approach may sound like hurting your ego, and asking someone may sound much more complicated and weird. Well, that's the level of fun and difficulties debugging has, at least for me is all that I can say.

I want it to give me what I want from it

Sometimes I spend hours or even days on a mistake that might be solved by someone else in minutes. And sometimes even for me, all it takes is a minute. Maybe sometimes it's because of the logic, sometimes it's the syntax, sometimes all it is one- two-minute patience, sometimes night hours are the need, whereas sometimes its the moring minutes, or even sometimes its the sunset, and sometimes it's the guidance and some help that you need, but trust me it needs something to be some piece of efficiently working code.

Sometimes…all you need is to turn around.

FSD Review

To be honest, I knew that I lacked confidence, but I won’t be confident about my code, well, that was a surprise. I had an FSD review in the previous week and, I was not confident enough to show my code, which made me a bit upset. Though again, the very next day I showed my code trying to be a little confident but also nervous. Got some feedback on places of improvement and betterment, and made my mind understand that you will never know the errors until you compile the code, so you have to be confident enough to compile. And again I showed my edited code to everyone. With another feedback for improvement in my presentation, and now I am working on that. Wow! An endless process.

I did talk to Akhilesh, and even my peers, and also to Shaivya about all that happened, and realized that it’s fine…It’s fine…Cause errors are what let us know where we need much more improvement, if we will never know where we need to be much better, we would never make ourselves better.

Remember, errors are on their way.

Bugs are the part of program,

And debugging is a part of programming…

Life… An endless process of debugging…

Debugging means to remove and better the code so that it may work properly, and to me, this is what defines life, an year to year, a month to month, a week to week, a day to day, an hour to hour, a minute to minute, and even a second to second debugging process, and even an endless one.

I want this imaginary moment

So yeah that's it for this blog, Thanks for reading.

Happy Debugging…And enjoy Debugging…



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