My confidence while designing a solution to a problem


The fact that there is a problem also proves the existence of the solution.

Well, hello everyone, I am here with another blog (quite late tho). I hope you all are doing great in your lives and enjoying your existence and making it worth existing. So, here I am with another great topic which is my confidence while designing a solution to a problem.

The problems are indeed on their way, and so is the solution, but all it needs is the eyes of confidence staring immensely and intensely at the problem.

The Daring eyes of confidence…

Well honestly, I have been afraid of problems, many times I try to ignore the existence of the problems, and try to run away from the problems, but now I am on the way to improvement by telling myself that:

It is just when you dare to dare the dare is when you actually win the dare.

The problems

Well, from managing time to thinking about how, when, and where to start from, and then to actually starting, well, that’s a big task for a person like me.

To be honest, from being a person who challenges deadlines of all deadlines by sometimes procrastinating and other times looking for a reason to run away from the problem, now I am much more focused on improving, growing consistently as a person, and challenging all the problems out there.

Yes, all it needs is a dare to yourself that you can bear the dare and dare the dare to dare the dare.

For example- I faced a lot of problems while making the wireframes and even while making the database schema as in my case they were a lot longer and more time-consuming. Bt then I divided the work into some number of days and firstly completed the half, and then worked with the other half. This helped me in completing the tasks soon.


I am working on myself, really hard, and here not just making a schedule, but also following it sincerely.

I can if I try,

and I will if I can.

Also, remember the fact that many times the solution is in accepting the problem and confidently solving it in a smart way. The smart way can also be asking for help by communicating. And that’s also one of the places where I need improvement. One should always know when, where, and how to improve, smartly and with a lot of patience, and consistency.

A seed won’t bear fruits in one day…

And remember that,

It’s the confidence you carry while designing a solution to a problem, which actually solves the problem.

So that’s how I try to manage my tasks, like the number of tasks that were left pending. Firstly I created a draft for all of them and now I am just editing and adding further changes to them one by one.

I hope you enjoyed reading.

Thank You.



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Adveta Kandwal

Adveta Kandwal

I am a first-year computer science engineering student. Not only do I love writing codes but also love to write blogs, poetry, and quotes and I love reading too