My experience in working at the ColoredCow office

Wow, it’s been since the last two months that I have been a part of the WIT fellowship. And the most interesting part is that, since last week I have been continuing the program from the office of ColoredCow.

So, hello everyone, I am back with another blog. But this one is much more interesting as, in this one, I will be taking you guys into my memories of the first week of working in the ColoredCow office.

“When will you come?”

So, in my group, I was the last one to join offline which indeed made me much more curious about when would I join my teammates.

So, every day Akhilesh used to ask me the same question,

“When will you join the office?”

Not only did this statement make me speechless but gave me a feeling of curiosity about the fact that I would be joining the office.

Finally… the golden day

So on the 31st of March, I came to the office. I was just like stepping on stairs and wondering with a mind full of nervousness, “How would it be, like being part of the program offline?”, “How would be the environment?”, and like so many questions, doubts, and feelings.

But the moment when I entered, I saw the silence of distractions, the calmness on everyone’s faces, the loudness of silence, and the climate of a focused mind. And it is then when the air blew from the windows, like wow, the cool breeze was cool enough to cool my nervousness. Though my clumsy nature made me feel a little nervous, it was great. I took my laptop out and started my work.

The moment I left the office that day, all I felt was great.

The environment

From the open windows which are indeed the entry gate for the cool breezes to the green sweet plants which make the environment of the office much more alive, to a library of a beautiful collection of great books, to the well-placed poems, to the wonderful, creative, and hardworking people. Well, that’s all, that makes the environment of the office so much more special for me.

The Overall Experience

So, being in the office for me was like a place where you can be comfortable while working without any distractions and where you even meet new people who will make you comfortable and will help you out.

It was just yesterday when I again entered the office and felt the cool breeze coming from the windows which made me relaxed and made me think of how beautifully this week passed in the office. Like from remembering Akhilesh’s “When are you coming?” the question, to remembering each and every second spent in this office till now and also to this very feeling of feeling this cool breeze …wow!

Thank you…Thank you for giving me this comfortable environment ColoredCow team…Thank you!



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Adveta Kandwal

Adveta Kandwal

I am a first-year computer science engineering student. Not only do I love writing codes but also love to write blogs, poetry, and quotes and I love reading too