The Review Call…The Reality Check…The Chai Coffee Debate…Debugging Session…#BORING_SUNDAYS

Adveta Kandwal
5 min readMar 1, 2022


The overview…

Well, interestingly, my third week at WIT has also ended. Wow! let me digest that…cause it feels as if I am a part of it for months…

Hello everyone, Myself Adveta Kandwal and here I am to share this unexpected to the power unexpected experience of these 7 days.

Just wanna quote my mom’s statement…

“It must be really boring for you on Sundays as there are no meet-ups”

It is not just about learning the new things but it’s the meet-up with Akhilesh, Shaivya, and my peers which makes the meet-up the most valuable part of the day.

Reviewing myself…#The_review_session

This Monday not just started with a stand-up call but also with an evening review call…waowww…getting to know yourself from not just your peers but also from your mentors and even also from your own self.

Not just giving my peers and myself a score out of 10…but also describing what you like and where improvement is required, to your peers and yourself and even to Akhilesh and Shaivya….

That sounds like another level of fun, right!


Well, this was like something which took over my whole attention of my free hours to learn something like HTML, CSS, JS and solving more problems on exercism…

(literally exercises for physical health and exercism for mental health is a necessity)

Just wanna ask…What the hell are free hours…for me its coding hours or more specifically relaxing hours…

Debugging… something not just I love, but even something which loves me. As it stays up with me forever…

Literally not just my day goes around these words…but even life goes around these words…


The Reality Check….#EYE_OPENER

It’s really good you know, to reflect on the progress, you have made from time to time as it helps you to assess your current situation, set priorities for the tasks at hand, and look ahead towards the next goals. So, that's what our Wednesday morning standup sounds to all of us. In the middle of the week, we decided to assess our progress thus far. And realized that progress in week 3 was a little slow, as we had finished just 10 – 30 percent of our weekly milestones, with a few milestones pending from week 2 as well.

That was a wake-up call for us all, and it was time to buckle down and attack milestones head-on.

So by the next day, with lots of work, dedication, and loss of sleep, most of us had completed 60–80% of the week three milestones and the best part was everyone felt great about achieving their goal.

Akhilesh must be feeling this on that day…

24th Feb 2022, (10:30–11:00)amWell, this has a separate place at my heart.

No words needed…just the date…wait not even the date, but just the word “reality check”…is just enough to describe everything.

All I want to comment is, it made us who we were not, and who we always wanted to be. Special thanks to Akhilesh for this.

Like the cause and effect game that Shaivya mentioned in earlier weeks, I would really love to say that the cause of this reality checkup was our slow progress, and its effect were surprisingly was fabulous. So, yeah, that’s a mentor, and fortunately, that’s our mentor.

Debate skills…#CHAII_OR_COFFEE

Well definitely chaii… : — )

We had our power skills with Shaivya on Friday when we had a kind of debate. Literally again a wonderful game…A debate, this time, as casual and formal as a Chaii and Coffee carrying a discussion on Chai or Coffee, which one is the better.

The debate didn’t end with a conclusion about the better one. But it did end up on the interesting conversations between all of us trying to prove our side at even a small point like-

“ You can’t dip a Parle-G in coffee”[the one line I always wanted to speak, but unfortunately, I was given coffee as my side :-( ].

We had logical discussions, but, honestly, we were like children fighting for favorite cartoon and proving why it was the best.

That’s the best part of Shaivya and her games, even an introvert may disturb the hall full of 10000 in order to play her games.

And the one line by Shaivya that will stay up with me forever is:

“You will have to tell me if we are not having fun in your sessions…Fun is important.”

The doubt Session…#DEBUGGING

We had a doubt session on Saturday eve. Like sitting for some 1 hour together and reading the code, listening to the decode, debugging the code, and further thinking about the better way to encode. That sounds fun…Well, that’s what the eve was all about. A group discussion…A healthy one…well literally it ended the week on a great note and gave me the inspiration to write this blog. Not just solving our problems through slack but Akhilesh also did this fab session as energetic as any other session.


Just want to again quote my mom’s statement… “ it must be really boring for you on Sundays as there are no meet-ups.” Where I honestly nodded.

Like I cannot describe how empty vibes are there on Sundays…

Sunday passed on, by my mind popping from the review call, to the reality check, to the chaii coffee debate, to the debugging session and finally from thinking about writing all this in my blog, to creating a layout in my head, and to literally typing these words, yes these words.

This one wasn’t that boring cause in this one my soul was teleporting over through the memories of the meet-up calls.

Thank You, WIT team…And special thanks to my peers, Akhilesh and Shaivya…#AM_BLESSED to work with such a wonderful team…



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